Brogue Wiki
"There are some who call me -- Tim."

A wizard build in Brogue keeps and enchants a variety of offensive staves and useful rings. A wizard will generally prefer to use a Scroll of Identify on a staff, in order to get a precise count of remaining charges: Running out means death.

Every wizard needs a highly enchanted Staff of Lightning or Staff of Firebolt. Some players find 7 or so to be enough; others keep right on going. No monster in the game is immune to lightning; several are immune to firebolt.

Aside from dealing direct damage, a Staff of Firebolt lets you manipulate terrain and traps effectively. No wizard should be without one, but it doesn't have to be highly enchanted.

A Staff of Poison is very charge efficient. Each charge is worth far more total damage than a charge of Lighting or Firebolt at an equivalent enchantement level, but will only deal one damage a turn. At level 10 enchantment, two charges is all that's needed to kill a Dragon, but the Dragon will only actually die 75 turns from when it's first poisoned. It pairs well with a Staff of Obstruction, which will keep enemies locked in place and harmless while they slowly die.

A Ring of Light will let you see monsters on the other side of chasms when you're down deep and take them down without their ever noticing you.

A Ring of Wisdom will let your multitude of staves charge faster. With every level of enchantment staves recharge 30% faster -- and it doesn't just add, it multiplies.