Brogue Wiki

When a weapon of paralysis activates it paralyzes the struck enemy for a duration that increases with the level of enchantment. Attacks against paralyzed enemies count as stealth attacks, with triple damage and an increased chance of weapon runics triggering.

This is an extremely tasty weapon, even better than a weapon of quietus. Keep and enchant any of them, even a dagger.

If you found one, keep (and you needn't enchant) something heavy. Once a creature is paralyzed, you can switch to the heavy weapon and attack again. Triple damage from a mace or broadsword will kill most anything short of a golem, dragon, or horror. A pound into the head with a war hammer while paralyzed will average 90 points of damage if your strength is good. (The hit will land for sure, but damage is still reduced if the net enchantment is negative).

If attacking repeatedly, the damage dealt by this weapon before the opposing monster gets a chance to attack is, on average, B*(1 + 12*R/(3 - 5*R + 3*|R - 1/3|)), where B is the weapon's base damage and R is the paralysis rate. If the weapon is a dagger, the 12 changes to a 20 because of the dagger's higher sneak attack damage, which applies to paralysis attacks as well. For example, if a weapon with 10 base damage and a 50% chance of triggering paralysis will deal about 10*(1 + 12*0.5/(3 - 5*0.5 + 3*|0.5 - 1/3|)) = 70 damage on every successful hit (110 if the weapon is a dagger).