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Force Weapon

+2 Spear of Force

When a weapon of force activates, it sends the target flying backwards. The distance the creature travels increases with the enchantment level of the weapon. If it strikes a solid obstacle, the victim takes damage equal to the distance it flew. If it strikes another creature, both creatures take damage.


Weapons of Force are situational, but can be very valuable. Their effect is useless against stationary targets such as turrets and Sentinels, and it’s often downright detrimental versus magical opponents who prefer to keep their distance. They do have several extremely useful instances, though…

Force weapons can be used to maintain distance between melee opponents, and make it impossible for them to land a blow on you if the runic effect regularly fires. It can also be used as a last-ditch effort to put some distance between you and an enemy that is relentlessly pursuing you. It will break the hold of grappling monsters and can send aquatic foes like a Bog Monster or Kraken flying on dry land where they are rendered helpless.

A weapon with the force runic is also capable of knocking monsters into chasms or lava, making it extremely deadly on floors that feature those terrains.

As with most runics, both the chance of the runic firing and the effect (the distance the target is thrown) increase with the enchantment level.