Few creatures can withstand the crushing blow of this towering mass of lead and steel, but only the strongest of adventurers can effectively wield it. Because of its heft, it takes two turns when it hits.
War hammer

A mighty weapon indeed.

The War Hammer is a melee weapon. It is a heavier version of the mace, requiring 20 strength to wield without penalty.While a miss with the war hammer only uses one turn like most other weapons, a successful attack has an additional 1 turn cooldown before the player can act again, requiring two turns per hit. Like all weapons, it must be equipped before it can be used. An ordinary (neither cursed nor enchanted) war hammer will produce 25-35 damage each successful attack (avg 30 or 15/turn).

It has the highest burst damage output of any weapon in the game and becomes particularly devastating when combined with a ring of stealth. Such a combination, properly enchanted, will often allow the Rogue an opportunity to kill even the most powerful enemies instantly. For combat against aware mobs, though, the war hammer is outclassed by the broadsword, and roughly on par in single target damage with the war axe.

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