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The enormous steel head of this war axe puts considerable heft behind each stroke. The arc of its swing permits you to attack all adjacent enemies simultaneously.

The War Axe (12-17 damage, avg 14.5) is a powerful Weapon in Brogue, which attacks all adjacent opponents in a single turn and requires 19 strength to use. It is a more powerful version of the Axe, having noticeably higher damage with a higher strength requirement.

Finding a War Axe is a large boon to anyone lucky enough to find it; despite being third in overall damage for weapons, its axe attack pattern allows the player to easily tear through groups of enemies at once, and reduces the danger associated with being surrounded. Due to its high strength requirement, it must be heavily enchanted to be used effectively for the first 10 to 15 depths, and is never found with a positive Runic effect.

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