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This mischievous magic can transform any creature into another creature at random. Beware: the tamest of creatures might turn into the most fearsome. The horror of the transformation will turn any affected allies against you.

Wands of polymorphism are generated with 3 to 5 charges. Enchanting this wand will add 3 charges

The target of this wand will always turn into a different monster, but never a lich, the Warden of Yendor, or any inanimate monster. Other than that, there are no restrictions on what it can turn into. Legendary allies and boss monsters are possible outcomes.

For this reason, use of this wand early in the game is very dangerous and should only be done as a last resort. Later in the game, this wand is invaluable as a means to deal with dragons or tentacle horrors as they will almost certainly turn into something less threatening.

Polymorphing has no effect on the following:

Allies and potential allies, such as bound or caged monsters, will become hostile when polymorphed. Chained monsters will also be set free, while caged monsters will attack the player through ranged means, possibly breaking free later on (needs confirmation, as with the caged monster being set to Guarding).

It is impossible to use keys on the cage of a polymorphed monster, although no message is given. This might be a bug.

Polymorphed monsters holding items will retain the items they are holding.

Polymorphed monsters will not have the same health value as the original monster. They will have the same damage value as the original monster. Meaning if you drop a rat below 20% using fists then polymorph them into a Dragon, the dragon will have almost full health.

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