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The creature at the other end of this mischievous bit of metal will be beside itself -- literally! Cloning an enemy is ill-advised, but the effect can be invaluable on a powerful ally.

A wand of plenty produces an clone of the target complete with all learned talents, any potential to learn new talents, and any temporary effects. The original monster will have its current health cut in half and the clone's current health will be equal to that. If you clone a captive monster, the clone will be an ally. Cloning yourself by hitting yourself with a reflected bolt will produce a clone ally. Because of the considerable power associated with cloning a powerful ally, these wands are somewhat less common than other wands.

Wands of plenty always found with only 1 or 2 charges. Enchanting a wand of plenty will add 1 charge.

~ Wands ~
GoodglyphDomination · GoodglyphNegation · GoodglyphPolymorphism · GoodglyphSlowness · GoodglyphTeleportation

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