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A charge from this wand will render a creature completely invisible to the naked eye. Only with telepathy or in the silhouette of a thick gas will an observer discern the creature's hazy outline.

A bolt from the Wand of Invisibility, when applied to an ally or enemy, will turn the targeted creatureinvisible. If the bolt is reflected back at you, then you will turn invisible. The invisibility persists for 150 turns or until negated . An invisible ally will remain visible to you, but other allies will not be able to see it. This often results in invisible allies accidentally getting caught in the line of fire of allied spellcasters.

A wand of invisibility is best used only on an ally, as turning an enemy invisible provides no real benifit and may make it considerably harder to kill. (needs a solid line or two on any melee comabt benifits an invisible ally might have). An allied spellcaster that has been turned invisible will not be directly targeted by enemy casters and will be much less likely to be attacked.

A wand of invisibility is commonly found with  3 to 5 charges. Enchanting the wand will add 3 charges.

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