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This sacred magic will permanently improve the body and mind of any monster it hits. A wise adventurer will use it on allies, making them stronger in combat and able to learn a new talent from a fallen foe. If the bolt is reflected back at you, it will have no effect.

A wand of empowerment, when applied to an ally, makes the ally stronger and smarter. It is the only way to increase the power and abilities of an ally. This makes it an essential item in any ally-centric build. A wand of empowerment is always found with only 1 charge. Enchanting the wand will add 1 charge.

Empowering an ally: 

  • Increases its health, accuracy, and defense by 15
  • Increases its minimum and maximum damage by 1/7th, rounding down, with a minimum increase of 1
  • Allows it to learn one new talent from a defeated enemy
  • Restores it to full health and cures confusionnauseaslownessweakness, and poison.

Empowering an enemy will heal it and increase its stats.

Since a wand of empowerment will often be found in a vault, a common strategy is to use the wand immediately to empower an existing ally, replace the wand, and choose a different item from the same vault.

Wands of empowerment are shown as having an aura of malevolent energy by a potion of detect magic.

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