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This wand can forever bind an enemy to the caster's will, turning it into a steadfast ally. However, the magic works only against enemies that are near death.

A wand of domination is the rarest and perhaps the most versatile wand in Brogue. Using the wand of domination on an enemy will turn the enemy into an ally, eliminating their threat and giving the player an extra hand. It will show as having an Aura of Benevolent Magic when soft-identified using a Potion of Detect Magic.

The wand of domination's flavor text is slightly wrong: the wand will work on any damaged monster, rather than just heavily damaged ones, though the bolt of domination has a higher chance of working on further crippled enemies. The chance of domination linearly increases from 0% when the monster is at full health to 80% when it’s at 20% health. When its health is below 20%, the monster will be dominated for sure (100%). Monsters with high health like ogres or trolls are much easier to dominate than fragile dar blademasters, as the weaker monsters are harder to get below 20% HP and still alive.

Wands of domination spawn with either 1 or 2 charges. Enchanting the wand will add 1 charge.

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