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The force of this wand will yank the targeted creature into direct proximity.

The bolt from a Wand of Beckoning causes the affected creature to attempt to blink to a space directly adjacent to you. It also delays the beckoned monster's next move so that you can attack it immediately upon its arrival. Therefore, it is always safe to beckon and dispatch an sleeping or wandering monster. A Potion of Detect Magic will reveal the wand to have a beneficial (blessed) energy with the solid blue symbol. A wand of beckoning will be found with 2 to 4 charges. Enchanting the wand will add 2 charges.

Oddly enough, the wand does not beckon the monster along the path you select when targeting. Instead, the bolt causes the monster to blink (on the default path from its position) to you. Be careful when targeting around tricky terrains or other obstacles. If you have to adjust the targeting reticle, the creature may not end where you intended.

A favorite use of this wand is to drop an enemy into lava or down a pit. It can also be used to snatch an ally from the jaws of certain death or to free captive creatures from a distance, or caged monsters without a key.

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