Brogue Wiki

A standard player turn in Brogue lasts 100 ticks. This is also the frequency at which terrain features are updated and status effects caused by terrain features are inflicted.

When a player is Hasted, turns last 50 ticks. When a player is Slowed, turns last 200 ticks. A successful attack with a Mace or War Hammer takes twice as long as moving -- 200 ticks normally, 100 while hasted, 400 while slowed. (A miss does not trigger the additional action delay).

Every monster has a movement delay and an attack delay. After a monster moves, it will not get a turn again until its movement delay has passed. Likewise, after a monster attacks, it will not get a turn again until its attack delay has passed. Most monsters take 100 ticks to move and 100 ticks to attack. Ogres and other monsters that attack slowly take 200 ticks on a successful attack.

Fast monsters like jackals and vampire bats move every 50 ticks. The only monster slower than the player is the underworm, which bursts out of walls. For every three turns the player takes, an underworm will move twice and wait once.

Zombies get as many turns as the player, but because they are always nauseous they often waste their turns vomiting. Most flying monsters, including will-o-the-wisps and vampire bats, spend a third of their turns flitting, so they seem slower than they otherwise might.

Some actions make monsters have a one turn delay before they can do anything, including:

  • Spawning new enemies, via plenty, jelly splitting or otherwise.
  • Hitting an enemy that was wandering/sleeping.
  • Wand of Beckoning