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About old stealth mechanics see Stealth/1.7.2.
You dispatched the rat, catching it unaware.

Stealth lets you avoid enemies or attack them while they are helpless.

Stealth Mechanics[]

You have a stealth range where any creature within this range has a flat 25% chance to notice you per turn. The stealth range is calculated as follows:

  • You start with a base range of 7.
  • The range is doubled if you are in light or halved (rounding up) if you are in darkness.
  • Add 1 to the range for each point of your armor's base strength requirement over 12.
  • If you rested the previous turn, halve (rounding up) the range. Searching does not count for this bonus.
  • If you are aggravating monsters, add 1 for each turn left in the effect. 
  • Subtract the enchantment level of any equipped rings of stealth.

The minimum stealth range is 2 unless you rested on the previous turn, which reduces the minimum to 1. If you are invisible, your stealth range is always 1.

You can press "]" to toggle the display of this stealth range while you are playing.

Losing Track of You[]

A monster that is hunting for you will lose track of you if they are farther away than triple your stealth range, or more than two spaces away if you are invisible. See this page for some tips.

Stealth Attacks[]

If you attack a monster that is sleeping, wandering, or paralyzed: 

  • You do triple damage, quintuple if you are wielding a dagger
  • You are guaranteed to hit
  • A weapon runic's chance of triggering is doubled or increased halfway to 100%, whichever is lower
    • Examples: A 20% chance becomes 40%. A 50% chance becomes 75%.
  • If the monster was sleeping or wandering, it does not react for a turn (or its attack speed, whichever is slower). If the monster was paralyzed, it becomes unparalyzed.

Allies can stealth attack sleeping and paralyzed monsters. 

Stealth tips[]

  • Always approach monsters diagonally -- monsters will spend fewer turns in your stealth range.
  • If you don't want to wake up a monster, don't stand where you can see it -- and if you have to, keep your distance and minimize the time spent there.
  • When you rest, stand next to the door you expect monsters to arrive from.
  • A War Hammer is generally the best weapon for stealth attacks, as it has the highest base damage.