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The vile blast of this twisted bit of wood will imbue its target with a deadly venom. Each turn, a creature that is poisoned will suffer one point of damage per dose of poison it has received, and poisoned creatures will not regenerate lost health until the poison clears.

The bolts from a staff of poison will poison any monster they hit, except inanimate opponents like a golem, turret or guardian. Being poisoned will not set a monster to hunting if they are not already aware of you. Poisoning a sleeping creature will wake it up into wandering status.

A first hit will poison the creature at 1 hit point / turn for the duration indicated. Repeated uses on the same target while previous doses are still in effect add to the remaining duration of the poison and increase the damage it does per turn. Two bolts will inflict nearly 4 times the damage of a single bolt, and 3 concurrent bolts just less than 9 times. A staff of obstruction or conjuration, or a wand of teleport may be useful to keep a creature away while the poison takes effect.

Staff Level Poison Duration One charge kills Two charges stacked kill
2 5 Bloat Vampire Bat
3 6 Rat Dar Battlemage, Centipede
4 8 Kobold, Jackal Goblin Warlord
5 10 Will-o-the-wisp, Goblin Conjurer Dar Blademaster
6 14 Monkey Wraith, Ogre
7 18 Goblin, Acid Mound, Eel, Toad, Vampire Bat Troll
8 24 Centipede, Spider, Dar Battlemage, Fury Naga, Vampire, Zombie, Underworm
9 31 Revenant Tentacle Horror
10 40 Dar Blademaster, Centaur, Imp, Lich Dragon

The damage increases by 30% at each enchantment. The formula is floor(5 * 1.3^ (level-2)) where floor is the usual mathematical operation of "round to next lower integer".

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