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A mass of impenetrable green crystal will spring forth from the point at which this staff is aimed, obstructing any who wish to move through the affected area and temporarily entombing any who are already there. The crystal will dissolve into the air as time passes. Higher level staffs will create larger obstructions.

A staff of obstruction will create a semi-random formation of crystal roughly centered around the point where the bolt strikes a monster, obstacle, or wall. Any monster in the immediate area will be entombed in the crystal. The bloodwort encased in the crystal will be destroyed. Any crystal tile that is generated has a chance to dissolve each turn as long as it is exposed to air, meaning that crystal formations will always "thaw" from the outside inwards. If the player or a monster are caught in the crystal, their crystal tile will dissipate the turn after it is exposed to air on any side.

Despite being translucent, monsters cannot detect the rogue if their line of sight passes through the crystal unless they had previously noticed the rogue. This fact can be utilized to set up "screens" that allow the player to sneak by sleeping or "distracted" monsters (worshipping, guarding). The crystal can also be used at choke points to cut off routes of travel.

The staff can also be used directly on monsters, but quite often the crystal formations won't fully encase them (especially with lower level staves), and their crystal will dissolve immediately if they're adjacent to any non-crystal, non-wall tile. Even if a mob is encased in crystal, if they have a line of sight on the player that isn't obstructed, they can still use ranged attacks (and the player can use ranged attacks against them).

In Brogue 1.6.2

  • Monsters/players in the first layer of crystal can be attacked via staffs but not via melee from outside the crystal, and vice versa. This makes it a unique tool for the staff user.
  • A bug/feature exists where if the player attacks a creature outside the crystal and is standing next to a creature encased in crystal, the "extra attacks" granted by the axe will strike the embedded creature as well.

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