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This staff conjures forth deadly arcs of electricity, which deal damage to any number of creatures in a straight line.

A staff of lightning can be used as your primary means of attack, even in the deepest depths of the dungeon when a number of scrolls of enchantment have been used on it. Hovering over a creature will tell you how much damage the staff will inflict relative to the target's current health; examining the staff will tell you the proportion by which the staff's damage will increase if it is enchanted.

Staves of lightning generate with 2, 3, or 4 maximum charges.

Unlike firebolt, no monster in the game is immune to lightning. However, reflective monsters will deflect the bolt and not take damage around 50% of the time.

Lightning can pass through multiple creatures, and thus its usefulness can be magnified by leading multiple enemies into a corridor or any other situation where a number of enemies line up.

When lightning hits a Pink Jelly, Acidic Jelly, or Black Jelly and it splits, it is possible for the same bolt of lightning to hit or even kill the newly spawned jelly; this can repeat indefinitely.

The damage ranges for Staffs of Firebolt and Staffs of Lightning follow the same formulae:

Minimum damage = 0.75 * (enchantment level + 2) rounded down

Maximum damage = (2.5 * enchantment level) + 4 rounded down

This gives the following damage ranges for each staff level:

Enchantment Level Minimum Damage Maximum Damage Average Damage
2 3 9 6
3 3 11 7
4 4 14 9
5 5 16 10.5
6 6 19 12.5
7 6 21 13.5
8 7 24 15.5
9 8 26 17
10 9 29 19

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