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This curious staff will send creatures into a deep but temporary trance, in which they will mindlessly mirror your movements. You can use the effect to cause one creature to attack another or to step into lava or other hazardous terrain, but the spell will be broken if you attack the creature under the effect.

The entranced monster will move directly opposite your movement. If you go right, it will go left; if North-East then South-West. This makes entrancement good at putting distance between you and a nasty monster or getting a fleeing monster close enough to kill.

A creature will simply move or make melee attacks while entranced, and allies will not attack an entranced monster. If the entranced creature is against a wall or crystal square they will remain in place as you take a move and the entrancement will not be broken. The entrancement effect lasts three turns for every level of enchantment. A level 5 staff of entrancement will hold any enemy still long enough for it to die in caustic gas or steam.

If you hit yourself with the bolt from the staff you will become confused for the listed duration. This makes this staff a poor option against monsters with reflection.

Entrancement will not make an ally into an enemy, so you can use it to pull allies out of bad situations -- or to send them into battle.

Monsters that are entranced move and attack as fast as you take your turns, not as fast as they normally would.

When a monster snaps out of entrancement, it has to try to notice you again. This means that entrancement goes well with a Stealth Build.

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