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A flick of this staff summons a number of phantom blades to fight on your behalf.

This staff has a great number of uses to the creative adventurer. It can be used to kill enemies, slow enemies down, or even light up the dungeon when it is dark in the depths. The spectral blades it summons never get stronger, but eventually if there are enough of them, they can even defeat the likes of a golem, or facilitate escape for those without the nerve to wait around and observe the results.

The blades alone may be unable to kill creatures that regenerate quickly, such as Tentacle Horrors. However, poisoning the creature will turn off its regeneration, allowing it to be nicked to death, if there are enough blades present.

Staff of conjuration, even without high enchantment level, is especially effective on monsters with unusual behaviours that involve fleeing and/or keeping distance. For instance, if you cast a staff of conjuration at a centaur it will either stop and shoot the spectral blades (allowing you to get closer) or ignore them, allowing them to nick it to death slowly. Try it on spiders and all kinds of spellcasters. Against monsters that prefer to melee, it is best to cast conjuration from melee range, surrounding it with as many as possible, so that it takes small but almost guaranteed damage per turn.

One particularly effective combo is to utilize aPotion of Paralysis or a Paralysis Trap along with your blades. Spectral blades are immune to paralysis, and can quickly whittle an opponent into shreds when they're helpless to retaliate. They are immune to confusion or caustic gas from potions or traps but they will ignite and quickly dissolve in fire from any source.

The staff of conjuration also pairs very well with ally builds, as the blades are often the primary target of an enemy, and leave your allies free to dish out damage without fear of reprisal.

As a warning, a Staff of Conjuration should only be used on Pink , Acidic , and Black Jellies as a dire last resort. The blades will do minimal damage to the monsters, but will trigger their ability to split. Even with a highly enchanted staff, you could find yourself with no blades and an angry horde of slightly weaker jellies within a few turns. Also, since 1.7.3, Nagas and Dragons are especially resilient to spectral blades due to their ability to attack all spaces adjacent to themselves, allowing them to destroy up to eight blades per turn.

The formula for the number of blades that a staff will conjure is this:

enchantment level * 3 / 2 rounded down

Enchantment Level Blades Recharge Turns
2 3 250
3 4 166
4 6 152
5 7 100
6 9 83
7 10 71
8 12 62
9 13 55
10 15 50

Thus, enchanting to an even-numbered level adds 2 blades, whilst enchanting to an odd-numbered level adds 1.

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