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This staff will allow you to teleport in the chosen direction. Creatures and inanimate obstructions will block the teleportation. Be careful around dangerous terrain, as nothing will prevent you from teleporting to a fiery death in a lake of lava.

A staff of blinking allows you to quickly reposition yourself. The maximum number of squares you can travel in one blink is equal to 2 + (2 * the enchantment level of the staff). If you use a staff of blinking without knowing its enchantment level, you will not be shown its actual maximum range when selecting a destination. For this reason, you may want discover the staff's enchantment level either by using all of its charges or using a scroll of identify.

Once you select a direction, you will instantly travel along the displayed path until you travel the maximum distance or the teleportation is blocked. It can be blocked by creatures, solid walls, or any terrain feature that obstructs vision. Blinking takes only 1 turn no matter how far you travel.

Staves of blinking recharge twice as slowly as most other staves, regaining a charge in 1000/(enchantment level) turns.

One primary use for this staff is to get away during a combat when hit points have gone low. This will let you heal, evade or throw a gas potion at a monster from a safer distance. If the blink will reach across a chasm, lava field or area of deep water this can save a lot of travel time or put a great deal of distance between you and a pursuing monster that can't fly or otherwise ignore the terrain. This stave is useful for closing the distance to sleeping enemies and getting a nearly guaranteed sneak attack.

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