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Health 20
Defense 70
Accuracy 90
Damage 6-11 (clumping = 2)
Regen delay 20
Movement delay 100
Attack delay 100
Attack pattern Normal (sword)
Behavior Immune to webs
Cast spells slowly
Ability Shoots webs
Monster Class Animals
Typical Starting Depth 9
The spider's red eyes pierce the darkness in search of enemies to ensnare with its projectile webs and dissolve with deadly poison.

The spider can launch sticky webs, injects poison when it hits and cannot be entangled

Spiders have a unique personality - they'll entangle you in web (using the same web to cross difficult terrain) and then bite to poison you. The poison halts natural regeneration and accumulates until it becomes fatal.

A spider can fling webs for at least 14 spaces. In general, if they are aware and can see you they can reach you. Although the webs are flammable, they can still be used to cross lava as well as pits and water. While a creature is stuck in spider webs (or a net), all attacks on them will automatically hit, even from creatures other than the spider. Beware of deadly duos such as a spider and centipede, or a spider and ogre, if you have no means of escape. Levitation will not free you from a spider web.

Although spiders are fearsome enemies, dominated spiders make poor allies. They practice their web-slinging without any regard for you or your allies. The fact that these webs burn is just the icing on the cake.

Tactics against[]

The main rule: never get distracted! Even if you are completely okay and backed up by allies, you can miss the point when the poisoning becomes fatal.

A potion of life heals even fatal poisoning. Use it when the spider is dead, or when your health is critically low, not as soon as the poisoning reaches fatal levels.

Negating the spider removes its ability to shoot webs and poison you.

Spiders almost never throw web at your allies, only at the player. If you can coax your allies to attack it while you remain out of its line of sight, they will have a free field of battle, and can likely defeat it easily.

Use projectile weapons and staves to kill it or soften it up before it reaches you.

Burning a spider is often better than suffering poison. If the spider shoots webs at you, the fire will probably spread along the webs and set you on fire as well. This will also quickly destroy the webs.

If the web is above lava, throw something you don't need like a dart into a cell occupied both with web and lava. The web will burn and the spider will be incinerated.

If you have a health charm, using a scroll of enchanting to recharge it may save you from the poison. 

The spider will always try to keep you webbed, even if it can hit you. Try to break free of the webs and get to bare ground the moment the spider is in striking distance. It will cast webs, and be off-balance for a while, allowing you to hit for a period of time without getting hurt. 

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