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Something seizes your legs!

Seizing is a monster ability possessed by Bog MonstersKraken, and monsters with the grappling mutation.


The first attack of a monster with seizing will not do damage but will instead grab your legs. The second attack inflicts normal damage and a submerged monster will surface, showing you its details and allowing you to target it with staffs or other items. While a monster is seizing you:

  • You cannot move from your current square. You may still attack monsters that are adjacent to you. If the monster is submerged, try to attack the square you think it's hiding in. If you try to move away, you will waste a turn. Attempting to move while seized by a grappling monster that you can see (krakens, bog monsters) will not cause you to lose a turn.
  • The monster that is seizing you will have a 100% chance to hit you. Other monsters have their normal chance to hit.
  • You can determine if you are currently being held by reading the monster's description.

Dealing with Seizing Monsters[]

  • Avoiding the monster may be best option. Telepathy and stealth will help you detect and avoid the monster.
  • Negating the monster will remove its ability to seize you. If the monster has already seized you, you should be freed.
  • Blinking or teleporting either yourself or the monster will free you. Using a wand of teleportation on the monster may move it onto land where it'll be helpless (can't move, can't attack).
  • Entrancement will allow you to move away from the monster.
  • Obstructing the monster should cause them to release you.
  • Levitating is effective against bog monsters and kraken as they cannot attack levitating creatures at all.
  • Potions of descent will free you if either you or the monster fall. Also particularly effective against bog monsters and kraken since they are helpless when out of water. If both you and a grappling mutant fall, the monster may still be adjacent to you when you land on the next floor and will still be capable of seizing you again.
  • Polymorphing the monster will free you, though depending on what the monster turns into, the situation may not improve.
  • Hitting the monster with a weapon of force will free you if the effect activates. This includes maces and war hammers, which always launch the target backwards one square if they connect.
  • A Guardian Charm will generally cause a monster to flee, making them release you in the process.
  • If none of the above options are available, your only choice may be to attempt to kill the monster. This can be difficult as both bog monsters and kraken flee when injured and regenerate quickly. Grappling monsters have extra health but are easier to hit.