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Summon monsters

Don't do it!

The incantation on this scroll will call out to creatures in other planes of existence, drawing them through the fabric of reality to confront the reader.

A scroll of summon monsters summons level-appropriate monsters on every open space adjacent to you. These scrolls can be quite deadly, so if you discover any scroll to be cursed via detect magic, you should call it "cursed" and drop it. This will cause every other scroll of the same type to also be called "cursed". Unlike other cursed items, a cursed scroll will generally provide no benefit at all and can be safely discarded. Certain rare item combos, like armor of mutuality with a highly enchanted ring of transference, can make summon monster scrolls useful.

Suddenly being surrounded by enemies often leads to death. Therefore it is often best to experiment reading unknown scrolls in confined spaces until this scroll is identified, or until both cursed scrolls are known. A summon monster scroll can be safely read in a corridor surrounded on each side by an ally- but note that this is often the worst position to be in when reading discord or negation scrolls.

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