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When recited over plain ground, the sacred rite of protection memorialized on this scroll will imbue the area with powerful warding glyphs. Monsters will not willingly set foot on the affected area.

scroll of sanctuary attempts to create sacred glyphs on the square you are standing on and 1 square north, south, east, and west of you. Monsters, both allied and hostile, will not willingly move onto or over one of these glyphs. However, monsters can still attack you if you are standing on a glyph. Glyphs cannot be created on squares with bridges, water, doorways, and other important dungeon or terrain features.

  • Sanctuary will not prevent enemies from firing ranged attacks or spells at you.
  • Floating and flying creatures are also subject to sanctuary.
  • Surprise, negation will not remove sanctuary.
  • Sanctuary is permanent. The glyphs will not expire (needs confirmation).


  • Useful for holding enemies at bay when used in a corridor or natural choke-point.
  • Useful for limiting multiple enemies access to you in an open area.
  • Just about any room with only one entrance can be turned into a place to rest. a "sanctuary".
  • Deadly or annoying enemies can be locked away, or at least delayed.


Your allies are subject to the full effect of sanctuary. This behaviour is most often a headache, but can be helpful on occasion. Be aware that if your allies cannot get to the stairs without passing over a glyph, they will not follow you down the stairs, you'll have to get creative (entrancement, descent, teleportation, etc).

  • Allies can be safely sequestered in a room to rest or to avoid dangerous fights.
  • Allies can be locked away while deadly traps/mechanisms/key rooms are dealt with.
  • If you are standing on a glyph and your ally is adjacent to you, you may switch places with them to force them onto the glyph. This will allow them to pass to the other side.

Obviously, if you lock your allies away be sure that you have a way to get them out (or down).

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