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The incantation on this scroll will instantly strip from the reader's weapon, armor, rings and carried items any evil enchantments that might prevent the wearer from removing them.

When you read a scroll of remove curse, any cursed weapons, armors or rings that are either in your inventory or equipped will be permanently uncursed. This does not affect the negative enchantment of the item or remove a harmful runic. If "your pack glows with a cleansing light, but nothing happens," none of the items in your inventory were cursed. If "your pack glows with a cleansing light, and a malevolent energy disperses," at least one (and perhaps more than one) item in your inventory was cursed.

Be aware, this does not tell you which item or items were cursed nor does it remove the negative modifiers of the curse itself. It simply allows you to freely wield and unwield any (formerly) cursed items. After reading this scroll you may want to call all weapons, armors, and rings in your inventory "uncursed" to make note that they may have formerly been cursed, but are no longer.

Before reading a known scroll of remove curse, you may want to move to a safe area of the level and equip as much untested equipment as possible. After reading the scroll, any cursed equipment can be called "bad", removed, and discarded. Equipment that wasn't cursed should be called "safe."

potion of detect magic will still show a formerly cursed item as having an aura of malevolent magic.

If you do wish to remove a harmful runic or negative enchantment level from a cursed item, you can negate the item.

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