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The weapon held by the reader of this scroll will be permanently proofed against degradation from acid.

A scroll of protect weapon permanently* protects the currently wielded weapon from degradation typically caused by acid mounds and acidic jellies. It also has the happy side effect of allowing you to remove (unwield) a cursed weapon -- you can use this instead of remove curse in a pinch. Regardless of its cursed/uncursed status, the weapon will be protected.

  • The protection bestowed by a of a scroll of protect weapon is subject to negation if the weapon is lying on the dungeon floor. If you decide to use a scroll or charm of negation to remove the negative enchants on your weapon, it will strip the protection as well.

You can tell which of your items have been protected; in the inventory screen, there will be a curly brace } instead of a parenthesis ) after the letter assigned to the weapon. The item description will also mention that the item cannot be corroded.

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