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This indispensable scroll will imbue a single item with a powerful and permanent magical charge. A staff will increase in power and in number of charges; a weapon will inflict more damage or find its mark more frequently; a suit of armor will deflect additional blows; the effect of a ring on its wearer will intensify; and a wand will gain expendable charges in the least amount that such a wand can be found with. Weapons and armor will also require less strength to use, and any curses on the item will be lifted.

Scrolls of Enchanting are one of the the central items for character development in Brogue. Think of them as you would a skill point. Avoid wasting these precious scrolls on your beginning items if at all possible. Early on, try find a piece of equipment that you may want to use for the rest of the game. Use your enchantments on this item, until you find other items worth keeping and enchanting. Allocate your enchantments as you see fit among these keeper items.

Almost every item in Brogue can benefit from enchantment with the exception of potions, scrolls and food.

  • Enchanting a ring usually increases its effective radius or the strength of its effect.
  • Enchanting a charm usually increases the duration of its effect and reduces its recharge time. It also recharges the charm.
  • Enchanting a staff will increase the maximum number of charges as well as making each charge more powerful. The added charge can be used immediately.
  • Enchanting a wand will add one or more charges to it depending on the type.
  • Enchanting a weapon or armor provides a double benefit. In addition to increasing its enchantment level by 1, the Strength requirement is decreased by 1. Since you get bonus enchantment levels when you have more strength than is required, each time you further enchant a weapon or armor, you increase the effective enchantment level by 1.25.

Unlike most items in Brogue, the generation of scrolls of enchanting is not entirely random. Brogue meters the amount of scolls available over the course of a seed (specific dungeon) in order to assure that you will have enough but not too many. You should expect to find 14.8 scrolls of enchanting per seed on average (98.3% of runs get 11-18, range 4-22, median 15).[1] Scrolls of enchanting are also sometimes found in hidden rooms and vaults.

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