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This content is obsolete. It was taken out or completely redone in the latest version of Brogue. Please do not delete the article, but do remove it from any lists or categories of current game content.
A flash of red light will overwhelm all creatures in your field of view with terror, and they will turn and flee. Attacking a fleeing enemy will dispel the effect, and even fleeing creatures will turn to fight when they are cornered. Any allies caught within its blast will return to your side after the effect wears off, provided that you do not attack them in the interim.

Be wary of using these around your allies. Because of a known bug in 1.6.2, allies turn hostile after recovering from fear naturally, but if you attack a frightened ally, it will remain an ally. (i.e., the behavior is backwards.) This bug has been fixed since.

As of 1.7.1, these have been taken out.

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