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A player's score is determined by his items, primarily his gold. If the player dies his score is equal to his gold.

If the player manages to ascend, the market value of his carried items is added to his score in addition to his gold.

If Easy Mode is activated during the game, the player's score is divided by 10.

Item values[]

For Weapons, the base value depends on the type. This is then augmented by an additional 15% for each +1 it has with another 15% if it is protected against corrosion. These increases do not compound. If the weapon is Runic it is worth an extra amount depending on the kind: +500 for a slaying weapon, +700 for a weapon of speed or slowing, +750 for a weapon of confusion, +800 for a weapon of multiplicity, +900 for a weapon of paralysis and +1000 for a quietus weapon. Weapons of mercy or of plenty are worth 1000 gold less. The runic bonus is not affected by the percentage increase from enchantments.

Weapons Value
War Hammer 1100
Broadsword, War Axe 990
War Pike 880
Mace 660
Axe 550
Sword, Rapier 440
Spear 330
Dagger 190
Javelin 40
Incendiary Dart 25
Dart 15

For example, a rust proof +3 War hammer of mercy would be worth 1100 * (1 + (4 * 0.15)) - 1000 = 760 gold coins

Armor values work the same way. The rune values are: +500 for immunity and dampening, +700 for mutuality, +900 for multiplicity, absorption, reprisal and reflexion. Burden, vulnerability and immolation are all worth -1000.

Armor Value
Leather Armor 250
Scale Mail 350
Chain Mail 500
Banded Mail 800
Splint Mail 1000
Plate Armor 1300

Scrolls have a basic price per scroll as seen in the following table.

Scrolls Value
Scroll of Enchanting 550
Scroll of Shattering, Scroll of Cause Fear, Scroll of Magic Mapping, Scroll of Teleportation 500
Scroll of Protect Armor, Scroll of Protect Weapon, Scroll of Negation 400
Scroll of Recharging 375
Scroll of Identify 300
Scroll of Remove Curse 150
Scroll of Aggravate Monsters, Scroll of Summon Monsters 50

Since each enchantment put on an item is worth 15% of the item's base cost and the only items worth more than (550 / 0.15 = 3667) are the Amulet of Yendor and Lumenstones, neither of which can be enchanted, Scrolls of Enchanting are worth more unused.

Potions also have a per item value:

Potions Value
Potion of Life, Potion of Detect Magic, Potion of Speed, Potion of Fire Immunity, Potion of Hallucination, Potion of Incineration, Potion of Descent 500
Potion of Confusion, Potion of Creeping Death 450
Potion of Strength, Potion of Invisibility 400
Potion of Telepathy 350
Potion of Levitation, Potion of Paralysis 250
Potion of Poisonous Gas 200
Potion of Darkness 150

Wands of a certain kind have the same value regarless of the number of remaining charges.

Wands Value
Wand of Domination 1000
Wand of Teleportation, Wand of Slowness 800
Wand of Polymorphism, Wand of Plenty 700
Wand of Negation 550
Wand of Beckoning 500
Wand of Invisibility 100

Staves are worth their base value plus 15% (non-compounding) for each level beyond +1.

Staves Value
Staff of Firebolt, Staff of Lightning 1300
Staff of Poison, Staff of Blinking 1200
Staff of Healing 1100
Staff of Tunneling, Staff of Entrancement, Staff of Obstruction, Staff of Discord, Staff of Conjuration 1000
Staff of Haste, Staff of Protection 900

Rings are worth their base value plus 15% for each level beyond +1.

Rings Value
Ring of Clairvoyance 900
Ring of Stealth 800
Ring of Regeneration, Ring of Transference 750
Ring of Awareness, Ring of Wisdom 700
Ring of Light 600

Charms are also worth their base value plus 15% (non-compounding) for each level beyond +1.

Items Value
Health Charm 900
Protection Charm 800
Haste Charm, Fire Immunity Charm 750
Invisibility Charm, Telepathy Charm, Levitation Charm, Shattering Charm, Fear Charm, Teleportation Charm, Recharging Charm, Negation Charm 700

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