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Landing a melee attack while wearing this ring will cause a proportion of the inflicted damage to transfer to benefit of the attacker's own health. Cursed rings will cause you to lose health with each attack you land.

A ring of transference causes (5 * enchantment)% of the direct damage you inflict to living monsters to be restored to you as health. If the ring is cursed, you will lose health equal to 5% of the damage inflicted for every level of negative enchantment. Your health change is rounded towards zero in both cases, but if it becomes zero after rounding, it's set to +1 or -1 respectively. Direct damage includes melee attacks as well as attacks from thrown weapons and staves other than conjuration and poison. Attacks cannot deal damage in excess of that required to kill the target. (Prior to version 1.7.4 Transference was +/- 10% per enchantment level, but only on melee damage.)

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