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The blood magic in this ring will recharge your staffs and charms in proportion to the damage you inflict directly. Cursed rings of reaping will drain your staffs and charms when you inflict damage directly.

A Ring of Reaping will recharge your staves and charms based on any physical damage done directly by the player. For each point of damage done, the ring will restore between 0 - X charges on each staff and charm, where "X" is equal to the enchantment level of the ring. For instance, a 40 damage hit with a warhammer while wearing a +6 ring of reaping would recharge every staff and charm in the player's inventory by a value between 0 (0 x 40) and 240 (6 x 40) turns. The flavor text the game gives for this and the ring of transference are a bit inconsistent, but the Readme file makes the actual conditions clear.

A ring of reaping may seem like a duplicate of the ring of wisdom, but each ring fills a different role. The ring of wisdom favors mage builds that rely heavily on attack and effect staves, and recharges them at a gradual but constant rate. With the right staves, pacing and number of enchants, wisdom will allow the player to forgo any physical encounters. Reaping, on the other hand, requires melee encounters to be useful, but affects both staves and charms, making it more suited to a warrior build that relies on magical support.

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