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Wearing this ring will permit you to see through nearby walls and doors, within a radius determined by the level of the ring. A cursed ring of clairvoyance will blind you to your immediate surroundings.

A ring of clairvoyance will allow you to see through walls within (enchantment level + 1) radius. You cannot detect traps on tiles revealed this way.

A +1 ring is helpful for finding secret doors as you will be able to see tiles on the other side of a wall which indicates that a secret door is likely nearby. Rings with a higher enchantment can warn you of approaching monsters and give you time to prepare.

A ring of clairvoyance will be automatically identified when you equip it; a blessed ring will reveal its bonus after 1500 turns of wear.

A cursed ring of clairvoyance will make you unable to see anything within (negative enchantment level + 1) radius.

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