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This blade is thin and flexible, intended for deft and rapid maneuvers. It inflicts less damage than comparable weapons, but permits you to attack twice as quickly. If there is one space between you and an enemy and you step directly toward it, you will perform a devastating lunge attack, which deals treble damage and never misses.

A rapier deals 3-5 damage and requires 15 strength.

There is a 20% chance that a rapier will be enchanted, and of that 20% chance, there is a 50% chance that the rapier is a runic.

Runic rapiers are balanced to trigger runic effects at the same rate as other weapons (which have half the attack speed). This means they have a lower chance to trigger a runic effect on any given attack. The end result is that runic rapiers will have less variance when triggering runic effects, and will feel more consistent and less 'streaky' than a slower weapon.

Rapiers work extremely well against monsters that keep their distance; they hang two steps apart from you, and lunge attacks can reach them. Flitting enemies may set themselves up for a lunge attack. If you know that a rapier is not cursed, you can equip it to fight monkeys: you can repeatedly lunge while the monkey is fleeing. You can also perform a lunge attack while swapping places with an ally. Lunge attack can attack through a corner as well, assuming you can move up against the corner normally. Below lunging into the coin space to attack the bog monster is successful.

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A lunge attack, however, will not occur through passable obstacles, even when directly approaching an enemy two spaces away. If there is semi-obstructive terrain is between you and the target (doors and dense foliage, for instance), the lunge attack will fail to activate. It will also fail against invisible/submerged enemies.

Damage done to enemies with lunge attacks always do triple damage, so sneak attacks will not do sextuple damage.

Since transference will transfer at least 1 health per hit, if you equipped a ring of transference with enchantment between +1 and +3, a rapier will allow you to extract more health from enemies in the early game than a sword or any weapon requiring higher strength. Conversely, if the ring is cursed, consider using heavy weapons.

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