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This powerful liquid will course through your muscles, permanently increasing your strength by one point.

In addition to giving you a permanent point of Strength, drinking a Potion of Strength will cure weakness.

You should expect to find 8.67 potions of strength per seed on average (98.8% of runs get 7-10, range 3-10, median 9).[1]

! Potions !
Goodglyph Detect magic · Goodglyph Fire immunity · Goodglyph Invisibility · Goodglyph Levitation · Goodglyph Life · Goodglyph Speed · Goodglyph Strength · Goodglyph Telepathy

Badglyph Caustic gas · Badglyph Confusion · Badglyph Creeping death · Badglyph Darkness · Badglyph Descent · Badglyph Hallucination · Badglyph Incineration · Badglyph Paralysis