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Drinking this curious liquid will cause you to hover five to ten feet in the air, able to drift effortlessly over lava, water, chasms and traps. Flames, gases and spiderwebs fill the air, however, and cannot be bypassed while airborne. Creatures that dwell in water or mud will be unable to attack you while you levitate.

Levitating is a useful thing to do.

! Potions !
Goodglyph.png Detect magic · Goodglyph.png Fire immunity · Goodglyph.png Invisibility · Goodglyph.png Levitation · Goodglyph.png Life · Goodglyph.png Speed · Goodglyph.png Strength · Goodglyph.png Telepathy

Badglyph.png Caustic gas · Badglyph.png Confusion · Badglyph.png Creeping death · Badglyph.png Darkness · Badglyph.png Descent · Badglyph.png Hallucination · Badglyph.png Incineration · Badglyph.png Paralysis