This flask contains a vicious and long-lasting hallucinogen. Under its dazzling effect, you will wander through a rainbow wonderland, unable to discern the form of any creatures or items you see.

This is the only type of potion that is completely useless. If you throw it, it will shatter on the floor, accomplishing nothing. If you drink it, you will hallucinate for a period of time much longer than you would if you had only touched a toad.

! Potions !
Goodglyph.png Detect magic · Goodglyph.png Fire immunity · Goodglyph.png Invisibility · Goodglyph.png Levitation · Goodglyph.png Life · Goodglyph.png Speed · Goodglyph.png Strength · Goodglyph.png Telepathy

Badglyph.png Caustic gas · Badglyph.png Confusion · Badglyph.png Creeping death · Badglyph.png Darkness · Badglyph.png Descent · Badglyph.png Hallucination · Badglyph.png Incineration · Badglyph.png Paralysis

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