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cloud of supernatural darkness

Drinking this potion will plunge you into darkness. At first, you will be completely blind to anything not illuminated by an independent light source, but over time your vision will regain its former strength. Throwing the potion will create a cloud of supernatural darkness, and enemies will have difficulty seeing or following you if you take refuge under its cover.

Throwing these potions creates an area of magical darkness, but it does not obstruct sight, so creatures in the cloud are hidden, but you can still see through or out of the cloud. Since only one kind of gas can exist in a tile at once, you may find deploying a potion of darkness useful to divert harmful gasses.

The duration and profundity of blindness from drinking a potion of darkness increases at deeper dungeon depths. At depth 6, it may give you limited vision (just 1 or 2 squares) for about 40 turns, then there is a similar period of diminished but useful vision, clearing gradually. At depth 16, you have about 250 turns where absent light from lava, torches, or luminescent fungus, you are not even able to see the wall in front of you until you attempt to walk into it.

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