Brogue Wiki
Health 12
Defense 17
Accuracy 100
Damage 1-3
Regen delay 20
Movement delay 100
Attack delay 100
Attack pattern Normal (sword)
Ability Steals on hits and flees
Monster Class Animals
Typical Starting Depth 2 (5 for packs)
Mischevious trickster that it is, the monkey lives to steal shiny trinkets from passing adventurers.
Gelof Monkey

A monkey by Gelof.

"The monkey can steal items."

Brogue Monkey

A monkey with a mango by Harrison Kreimer.

Tactics against[]

Monkeys are encountered early in the dungeon and are not so much a threat as a nuisance. Despite this, they should still be taken seriously. The objective of the monkey is to steal your items. If they manage to get one they will flee, making it quite difficult to retrieve. As of 1.7.1, monkeys will only steal half of a stack of items, assuming you have more than 3. (And if it is an odd number of items, he will take one more e.g. If you have 15 darts and a monkey takes 8)

  • Drop your darts on the ground before the monkey reaches you so that the monkey will not be able to take them. Then, after it takes something else, pick up the darts and kill the monkey with them.
  • Because your darts are nearly as good as your starting dagger, you can also wield your darts and fight with them -- monkeys never take equipped weapons, armor, or rings.
  • You can try to soften the monkey up before it even gets to you by throwing a harmful potion, or by throwing darts.
  • You can try to lead a monkey into a closed room before engaging it in melee.
  • Equip a rapier prior to fighting if you have a known-uncursed one.

If a monkey flees over water, it may lose hold of your item and come back for more. It may also be killed by an eel (Or possibly a bog monster or kraken). In either case you can watch the water current and safely pick up your item when it reaches shore.

There is currently a bug in Brogue 1.6.2 where monkeys sometimes kill themselves by jumping into lava. This can mean that your stolen item is permanently lost.

As an ally[]

Monkeys are often found in the early dungeon, held captive. You can free them by bumping into them. The monkey is a rather weak fighter and cannot steal items from other creatures which makes it one of the most useless (naturally occuring) allies in the game.

Keeping an early monkey ally alive throughout a sucessful ascent is the goal of the Monkey challenge.

The charming inhabitants of the dungeon:
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