Brogue Wiki

The rogue who focuses on maneuverability needs, more than anything, to control the field of battle. He might be a wizard or a warrior on the side, but his real passion is being where he wants to be when he wants to be there. He starves less often than other builds, and he never gets surrounded.

A Staff of Blinking will get you across chasms, lakes, and magma. If you have more than one staff, you can keep them at different levels of enchantment to control your blinking distance. It can be useful to have one at 3 and one at 5, for instance. At least one of these staves will be fully identified. It's particularly unpleasant to fail to blink away in a pinch.

A Staff of Tunneling will get you around the level. One at level 5 will let you break through just about any wall in the dungeon in one zap -- which can be critical when you need to get away. If possible, it will be fully identified. Use staves of tunneling to remove green crystal as well.

A Staff of Obstruction, especially if you also have Tunneling, will let you control where your enemies can go and ensure yourself a safe escape. A Staff of Conjuration will also keep enemies from pursuing you. If possible, it will be fully identified.

A Ring of Regeneration works particularly well because you are well equipped to escape combat that is going poorly and wait until you're better.