Brogue Wiki

The Linux version, like the Windows version, is a port of the original OS X version. It uses a bitmapped version of the Monaco font as rendered by OS X; this font, in each of 13 sizes, is stored in the fonts subfolder. To change the font size while playing Brogue on Linux, press -/+ or pgdn/pgup.

The Linux version supports a wide range of command line switches for the convenience of terminal users. It also features a curses-based "terminal mode" with 256 colors ncurses based output.

The file name readme contains a complete list of available switches. Most of them are listed here:

./brogue -s seed
start a game with a preset seed

./brogue -v name
view a recording (.broguerec is optional)

./brogue -o name
resume a saved game (.broguesave is optional)

./brogue filename
resume a saved game or view a recording; the extension is required

./brogue -t
run the game in terminal mode

./brogue -M
skip the menu (and always start a new game)

./brogue --size number
starts the game with font size number (from 1 to 13)

./brogue --scores
dump the highscore table to standard output and exit immediately


Brogue in a terminal emulator