Brogue Wiki
You shiver as a chill runs up your spine.

Creatures that are invisible are much harder to detect.

Effects on You[]

You can become invisible by using an invisibility charmpotion of invisibility, or by being hit by a reflected bolt from a wand of invisibility. While invisible, your stealth range is set to 1 and monsters will more easily lose track of you. See the page on stealth for more information.

Effects on Monsters[]

Monsters become invisible when zapped by a wand of invisibility. Phantoms are the only monsters that are naturally and permanently invisible. 

Allies can become permanently invisible by studying a phantom corpse. Invisible allies are rarely targeted by enemy spellcasters, though they may still hit your ally if they are targeting you.

If you attempt to move to a tile that contains an invisible enemy, you will attack it.

Monsters that are invisible do not normally show up on screen or on the sidebar. Telepathy will allow you to see the location of invisible monsters. An invisible monster will also become visible if it is standing on tile filled with a gas.