Brogue Wiki

Your inventory is where you store and manage everything that you find in the dungeon. It is comprised of 26 slots (designated a thru z), each capable of holding a single item. 4 of these slots are normally dedicated to to equipment, leaving 22 available for other items. That may sound like a lot of room, but it fills up fast.

Press i to view you inventory. While viewing press a thru z to view a particulat item.

Equipment Slots[]

You have 4 primary equipment slots. Press e to equip an item. Press r to remove an item.

  • A weapon slot (starts with dagger equiped)
  • An armor slot (starts with leather armor equiped)
  • Two ring slots (unused at start of game)

The weapon in the top slot is your equiped weapon. It's the weapon you will attack with when you bump into an enemy. If there is no weapon equiped, then you will fight bare handed (not good). The armor slot holds your equiped armor. If there is nothing there, then you are not wearing any armor (not good). You may equip a ring in each of the ring slots once you find some.

If you equip an item that is malevolent (cursed) you will not be able to remove it until the curse is broken. Items found in vaults are never cursed and therefore safe to equip (even if not identified).

Inventory Management (in a nutshell)[]

You start the game with only 4 items on hand, but your inventory will fill up quickly and you'll soon have to make some tough decisions about what to use, what to save and what to discard. This is complicated by the fact that at the begining of the game you won't know what many of the items are because nearly everything starts out unidentified.

Press a to apply (use) an item. Press d to drop an item. Press D to see a complete list of items.

Generally speaking, once you inventory is full or nearly full you'll want to start figuring out what's what. Items are fairly useless until you have some idea of what they do. A potion of detect magic is a huge aid in this regard, but unfortunately you don't know which potion that is, or if you even have one at all, so you're going to begin a process called ID by use (aka use-ID, test-ID, etc).

Once you get a tenative handle on your inventory the game will flow much more smoothly. Cursed scrolls are useless, get rid of them. Most cursed potions make great missile weapons, throw them at enemies. Cursed wands are benificial to your allies but don't use them on enemies. Ditto cursed staffs. You'll still run across unknown items throughout the game, but with the help of the discovered items screen (D) and this wiki, you'll be able to make educated decisions about how and when to expeirment.