Brogue Wiki

Inanimate is a creature trait. Unlike most traits and special abilities, it is not removed by negation. Inanimate creatures are immune to many effects:

  • Do not regenerate HP (this is listed as a seperate trait in the mouseover text).

Inanimate creatures also behave differently in several other ways:

  • Weapon runics will not trigger when attacking an inanimate creature, and armour runics will not trigger in response to its attacks. Armour of reflection will still reflect spells cast by an inanimate creature, however.
  • Your allies cannot absorb abilities from inanimate creatures.
  • Inanimate creatures cannot be sensed through telepathy.
  • A creature can never be polymorphed into an inanimate creature.
  • Weapons of Slaying and Armour of Immunity will never be targeted at an inanimate creature type.

Inanimate creatures include: