Brogue Wiki

In Brogue there’re several sources of healing.

The best place to rest is next to the door you expect enemies from, with mace in hand. When enemy arrives, you catch him unaware.

Try to give an ally a non-negated Dar Priestess corpse. Regardless of spell he learned, it will be useful.

Pros and cons[]

Ring of Regeneration[]


  • Makes you harder to catch with low HP.
  • When highly enchanted, gives lots of HP during combat.


  • Raises combat potential insignificantly unless highly enchanted.
  • Poisoning will stop regeneration.

Potion of Life[]


  • Heals 100%, removes spider and centipede poison, permanently gives +5 HP.
  • No need to enchant anything, you just stumble upon it.


  • Extremely rare.

Ring of Transference[]


  • When highly enchanted, gives you most HP possible.


  • Makes you luck-dependent. No hits, no health.
  • Leaves you defenseless in emergency.

Health Charm[]


  • Excellent emergency helper even on +4 or +5 enchantment.


  • To use, you need to spend 1 turn.
  • In reality it’s on par with ring, despite theoretically 1/4 faster.

Several sources of healing[]

Of course, we assume that both sources are found on low floors. When you’ve got a highly enchanted ring of transference and a brand new health charm, the latter will be a backup source of health, nothing more.

Two rings[]

Enchant one, discard the other. That’s all.

Two charms[]

Sometimes you’ll find two charms. The sequence of enchanting two charms is…

  • Upgrade both charms to +2. It spends just one or two scrolls, but does matter.
  • Upgrade the stronger charm to +5.
  • Upgrade the weaker charm to +4 or +5.
  • Then don’t touch the weaker charm, upgrading only the stronger one.

Ring and charm[]

If both are found on low floors, you may enchant charm to +3, to stand more firmly at floors up to 12. After that — only ring.

Charm and potion[]

With charm and potion, if you’re confident that you can quickly defeat a centipede, use potion first, then charm. If not, use first charm, then potion.