Brogue Wiki
A pile of 81 shining gold coins.

Gold is a shiny metal. In Brogue gold is most often found as piles of coins simply lying on the floor. Ocassionaly you'll kill an enemy who drops some gold, but this is rare. Its only purpose in the game is as the main component of your score.

Gold takes up no room in your inventory nor does it weigh anything so it won't slow you down. There are no shops of merchants so gold can never be spent nor can you drop it or otherwise be rid of it (not that there's any reason to want to do so).

The amount of gold coins found in a pile depends on the dungeon level. The deeper you go, the larger the piles. A gold pile contains between (50 + (Depth * 10)) and (100 + (Depth * 15)) coins. The amount of gold piles found is adjusted according to how much gold has already been generated in order for all games to have a roughly similar amount of gold at the same level.