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You push through the animal skins that hang across the threshold.

A malodorous layer of clay and fecal matter coats the wall.

Rotting animal matter has been ground into the mud floor; the stench is awful.

A Goblin Warren is a special area of the dungeon comprised of a complex of small rooms and hallways. Each warren is under the command of a goblin warlord who protects a special reward. His quarters are usually located deep within the warren. The common areas are home to goblinsgoblin conjurersgoblin mysticsgoblin totems, and even jackals, a goblin's best friend. A typical warren will offer up an unusual number of weapons and/or armors.

Goblin warrens are easily identfied by their brown mud walls that stand in stark contrast to the grey granite walls found elsewhere in the dungeon. There is only one entrance to a warren, a doorway of hanging animal skins (the Ω symbol). So filthy is the warren that setting is ablaze will likely induce vomiting.