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Aside from bloodwort clouds, all gasses in the Dungeon are harmful. However, with several methods, many gas-based scenarios can be solved, neutralized quicker, or even used against your enemies.

  • What you should know:
    • All gasses except for steam, putrid smoke and bloodwort clouds are flammable
    • All gasses eventually expire
    • The concentration of a gas doesn't change the magnitude of its effect on you
    • If gasses are put in an area with little space, the rate at which it decays will be slowed.
    • If a gas called gas1 is spawned in a gas cloud of a gas called gas2, both gasses will try to neutralize each other. However, this process slightly favor gas2, neutralizing more of gas1.
    • Gasses try to occupy as much space as possible. If they are in a very closed space, they will push out quickly when an opening is made.
    • Traps can be activated by throwing an item on it.
      • Once an item is on a trap, the trap will not activate when stepped on.
    • Some gasses provide light.
  • Confusion Gas:
    • Is luminescent
    • Activate potions and traps with this on groups of enemies, but when near lava or another fire-producing object, make sure that there are no scrolls nearby, as fire would spread on the gasses, burning them away.
    • Confusion traps are often found near lava pits.
    • If you end up springing a confusion trap:
      • Best option is to stand still and wait for the gas to clear and for you to become less confused.
      • If you need to escape from something, fight, or simply do something that doesn't involve standing still, drop an item on the trap. Dropping the item will not re-activate the trap, so if you stumble onto the trap again, it will not create more gas. However, you will pick the item up again, so drop it back.
      • If you have allies, STAND STILL, and if you have one, use a staff of obstruction, entrancement, or any other way of making your allies stand still as well.
    • If your allies end up springing a confusion trap:
      • Throw an Item onto the trap, so that they can no longer activate it.
      • Try to make them stand still with a staff of obstruction, paralysis, or a staff of entrancement.
  • Paralysis: In the deeper levels where enemies are abundant, never walk into these gasses.
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