Brogue Wiki

Flavor machines make the dungeons feel more alive. They don't give you a reward like treasure machines, instead they just give you an experience.

Name Description
Idyll ponds and some grass and forest
Swamp mud, grass and some shallow water
Camp hay, junk, urine, vomit, some caged creatures
Remnant carpet surrounded by ash and with some statues
Dismal blood, bones, charcoal, some rubble
Chasm Catwalk narrow bridge over a chasm, possibly under fire from a turret or two
Lake Walk narrow bridge of shallow water through a lake, possibly under fire from a turret or two
Statue Comes Alive innocent-looking statue that bursts to reveal a monster when the player approaches
Worms in the Walls step on trigger region to cause underworms to burst out of the walls
Sentinels sentinel enemies are generated.