Brogue Wiki

Three categories of items can be equipped in Brogue.

Your inventory has a single equipment slot for weapons and armor each, and two slots for rings. Equipped items are displayed at the top of the inventory.

Note that throwing weapons may also be equipped to use them in melee combat.

Only items of these three types may be generated with a curse. Once a cursed item is equipped, it cannot be removed from the equipment slot (nor thrown) until the curse is removed.


Having two slots for rings may seem unusual - after all, a person typically has 10 fingers, and Brogue does not have two weapon slots to allow wielding a weapon in each hand. However, two slots for rings is common across roleplaying games. The two-ring limit originates from the earliest version of Dungeons & Dragons ("OD&D"). Originally, this restriction was included a game balance consideration:

"A ring must be worn to be employed, and only one ring may be worn on each hand if the ring is to be operable by the wearer. (The referee should be careful to enforce this in order to maintain some balance in the game)."

- Gygax, G. & Arneson, D. (1974). Dungeons & Dragons. TSR2002A. Monsters & Treasure, p. 33, "Explanations of Magic Items".

Another possible reason behind the number two being chosen is as a reference the real-world traditions regarding wedding rings (each hand having a single "ring finger"). However, D&D does not specify which finger the rings are to be worn on.