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The Dungeons of Doom are the setting of Brogue.

The Structure of the Dungeon[]

Every dungeon level has one stair leading down and one stair leading up. Every level is guaranteed to be connected from stair to stair without necessitating crossing any traps or dangerous terrain. You might need to search to find your way at some point.

As you descend you will discover new monsters at each depth. Their deadliness will increase as you move deeper, but the quality of the equipment you find does not depend on depth. If you find a great heavy weapon early and you are too weak to use, it's your responsibility to decide what to do with it.

As you progress, you will become stronger and better equipped. A wise adventurer will seek to assemble a inventory of powerful weapons, armors and magics that compliment one another. Even rare runic equipment can be found. It's important to keep moving, as you have only the one ration in your pack and any food found along the way to sate you.

Be afraid, for the dungeon isn't merely comprised of random caves etched into the hardened Earth by the hand of time. No. The Dungeons of Doom have a creator. A dark and malevolent presence that painstakingly engineered the evils that await you. Treasure laden vaults will tempt you into deadly traps comprised of diabolical clockwork machines and creatures aided by ancient magics bound together.

If it all sounds like too much, fear not, for you are not alone. There are rumors of prisoners held captive throughout the dungeons. Some meek and some powerful. I've even heard unbelievable stories of mythical creatures joining the fight to rescue the Amulet. These unlikely allies will swear allegience to you and fight by your side. They'll accompany you on your quest, growing stronger with you.

The Amulet of Yendor is the prize. It will always be found on level 26 should you make it that far. Once you have it, your quest is not over...