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A status effect that only affects monsters. A discorded monster will attack and be attacked by its allies. Note that a discorded enemy may still attack you instead of its allies, if you are in range. It's advisable to move out of range after casting discord.

A staff of healing or haste might be usefully applied to a discordant enemy, to keep it alive longer in a pack of its former friends.

Beware enemy monsters that cast discord when you have allies. A discorded ally may kill you or be killed by your allies.

Dealing with discorded allies[]

You may be able to prevent a discorded ally from causing too much havoc through clever use of a wand of teleportation or potion of descent. You can also catch the discorded ally with a Staff of Obstruction or Staff of Entrancement and move away until the discord fades.

If you are durable enough, you can attempt to manuever your allies into a hallway and get in between the discorded ally and your other allies. The discorded ally will attack you, and your other allies will do nothing. Live until the discord expires.

Negating the ally will remove the discord effect but will also remove any special abilities or properties.